All-Original American Roots Music and Stories in the Louisiana Bayou Tradition at its BEST!

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Let's begin with MOJO's
NEW Mardi Gras Concert Video!

"MOJO's music captures the bond that transcends  language and cultural differences
with engaging, explosive and exhausting entertainment power!"

MOJO & The Bayou
                              Gypsies LIVE IN CONCERT DVD!

Click here for a Free Download of our new song,
"Light on the Bayou!"

Now Enjoy MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies
LIVE in Concert on PBS-TV !

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies LIVE in Concert on PBS-TV!

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies
performing Take Me To The Zydeco on PBS Television!

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies
performing I'm Coming Home,
dedicated to America's Troops.
Recorded at GSU Performing Arts Center!

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies have been on many, many Television programs on nearly every TV Network (PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, CLTV, Superstation WGN, and many more).
In the rest of this collection you'll see many different performances, from Network TV, major Performing Arts Centers, Corporate Concerts, News Clips, and even a vintage video of the original Bayou Gypsies!  Enjoy them all!

Click on a video, below, to SEE and HEAR MOJO! or click on the little screeens to open a video in a new window

PLEASE BE PATIENT!  These videos are pretty popular; sometimes several folks are viewing at the same time.


MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies
telling the "History of the Frottoir" 
at the GSU Performing Arts Center!  

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies
Multiple wild performances in the newsroom, the weather room,
the hallways, and more!

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies
VINTAGE VIDEO from a 1994 performance,
featuring all original members:

Fiddlin' Marcy (fiddle), Kevin the Drummer, Eddie K (bass), Hollywood Mike (guitar), Zydeco T Carrier (rubboard), and Mister MOJO (accordion, vocals).

Dancing with the Audience
at the Campanile Center!

LIVE at the Blue Moon, Lafayette, LA

CD Release Party Video

Dancing with "all the ladies in the house!"

Our Grand Finale, Closing Number:
The MOJO Boogie!

All Original Louisiana Music certified by the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame!

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